Standby home generators and Covid-19

Standby home generators and Covid-19

Coronavirus has affected the economy significantly; it has brought the world into a standstill. Being a health crisis, it has featured an unprecedented impact on businesses across the globe. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the number of children learning from home and adults working from home has increased significantly. This has made standby generators to increase in demand with Generac Generator Company receiving more phone calls than ever before.

From running your business to powering your home, you will require electricity for it to be successful. As a result, having a standby generator is essential, especially during this period when most individuals have been forced to work. Therefore, in this article, we shall be discussing stand by home generators and Covid-19.

Covid-19 impact on standby generators

It is no doubt that Covid-19 has impacted our daily lives; this includes electricity production and transmission. Furthermore, demand for power has drastically reduced across the globe; this has resulted in a reduction of oil prices, over-supply of energy, and a fall in power prices, which has impacted the revenue for several generators out there. Furthermore, the grid and distribution network suppliers have claimed that there can be potential power blackouts; this is as a result of engineers’ unavailability that has been associated with illness and self-isolation impact.

While electricity plays a significant role in the United States in the struggle against the coronavirus, it is also critical in driving the economic recovery once we get rid of Covid-19.

With an increase in power blackouts possibilities, most individuals who are working from have decided to invest in standby home generators. This has then resulted in an increase in demand across the state. Working from home will require 24 hours of electricity; with possible blackouts, investing in reliable power supply will be of great benefit during this pandemic.

Meeting your power supply requirement whenever there is a breakdown in grid supply is essential for your business and studies when working or studying from home. As a result, you should consider purchasing standby home generators that will help you solve this problem.

Why having a standby home generator during this pandemic is essential?

With people being forced to work and study from home, there are several reasons as to why having a standby home generator is essential. There are potential blackouts as most engineers are forced to isolate themselves as a result of Covid-19. Having a standby home generator is vital due to the following;

· Maintaining customer contact. With a reliable supply of electricity during this pandemic is crucial when it comes to maintaining customer contact. There are several businesses that have been shut down due to Covid-19 and lack of ample supply of electricity in their home. As for you, you can easily maintain contact with your clients during this pandemic. With a standby generator, power outages will not posse any threat to your business.

· Reliable power supply. A standby generator is installed permanently at your home and is always ready for use in case of a power blackout. This is highly essential when it comes to running your business.

· Income. Power outages often force the most business to close; this means that you might end up losing thousands of dollars each day that you close your business. Nevertheless, a standby generator is a reliable source of electricity and has been designed to come and help solve power outage losses. This aids in improving your income irrespective of a power outage.


There is no doubt that power is an essential commodity when it comes to running the country’s economy. Nonetheless, sometimes they become unreliable, which tend to have a significant impact on one’s business. With the number of people working from home increasing due to Covid-19 and an increase in a possible power outage, having a reliable source of power should be your top priority.

What type of standby home generator is best for me?

Understanding the type of standby generator that will consist of great essentials to you during this pandemic is vital. There are some essential features you will need o to consider when choosing a standby generator that will best suit your need at home during this pandemic.

· The size of the generator

Usually, standby generators are measured using kilowatt (kW), which is an SI unit in power. 1,000 watts is equivalent to 1 kW. This means that a 22kW standby generator produces 22 000 watts of electrical power. Furthermore, every generator has to be matched with an automatic transfer switch (ATS). This tends to serve as a brain of your standby generator; it informs the generator on the right time to kick on and go off. Therefore, when purchasing a standby home generator, ensure that it has an ample supply of kW that will aid you in running your business during the Covid-19 pandemic.

· Sound

Most US cities have noise ordinances restrictions when installing a generator; therefore, it is advisable to check this before installing any standby home generator. A generator that produces a sound of 63 decibels is often measured at 25 feet. Furthermore, you are often instructed to have your generator at least 5 feet away from your house, this aid in keeping all the flammable materials safe.

· Budget

This is by far, one of the most important ones needs to consider when purchasing a standby generator. You should note that, when purchasing a standby generator, you should determine the final cost and installation cost. Furthermore, it would be best if you kept in mind that there are two basic engine operating systems; the liquid-cooled and air-cooled.

The air-cooled generators are often small in size and cost less when compared to a liquid-cooled, which are typically larger in size. However, the air-cooled generators tend to be louder than their counterpart liquid-cooled. Therefore, when purchasing a standby generator, always consider the one that best suits your needs the best.

Final verdict

With an increase in generator demand across the state, it is vital to purchase the one that will help you run your business smoothly during the Covid-19 pandemic. It can be challenging to find a standby generator that best suits your needs; however, by following some of the above-mentioned tips, you will be able to get one with the utmost ease.