Hurricane season starts June 1st

Hurricane season starts June 1st

We all know that the Atlantic hurricane season comes around like clockwork each year. Several tropical meteorology experts have forecasted above-normal activity as the hurricane season starts June 1st. As we are still reeling from the coronavirus's economic and public health impact, we should consider preparing for the coming hurricane season; preparation is often the essential thing to do before a hurricane season strikes.

One of the critical things we tend to be prepared for as humans is a secure location, along with a standby generator. As hurricane is expected to hit South Florida very soon, it is vital to have a back-up source of light. As a result, in this article, we shall be discussing one of the most reliable sources of power and things that you will need to consider when designing a generator pad.

A reliable source of power

Having a constant source of power during a hurricane season is vital, and standby generators are often considered the best. With several designs and manufacturers available out there, choosing the most reliable standby generator can be a bit challenging. Generac generators are considered to be one of the best standby generators that are ideal for use during hurricane seasons.

For more than 5 decades, Generac has been devoted to offering its customers with generators that outshines the rest in the market. They are well known when it comes to maintaining high standards for both respects as well as quality. Generac is the best when it comes to understanding clients’ needs and addressing all the common issues. In addition to that, Generac understands the necessity significantly when it comes to questioning involved in the aspect of maintenance and purchasing a reliable generator.

As you seek a reliable source of power during this hurricane season, a Generac standby generator will be best for you. They are considered the best when it comes to fixing power-related problems. Furthermore, Generac is very dedicated to offering the best generator experience for both home and business use.

What do you need to consider when purchasing a Generac standby generator?

Purchasing a high-quality generator is essential; however, purchasing a standby generator that best suits your need is more critical. Losing power during hurricane season is a common phenomenon; therefore, having a high-quality standby generator that will meet all your essentials is vital. With different designs and sizes of Generac generators in the market, choosing the one that best suits your needs can be a bit frustrating. Fortunately, here are some of the critical aspects that you will need to consider when purchasing a Generac standby generator that will best suit your need;

· Amps

You cannot stretch the power supply a generator can produce; therefore, you should consider asking the number of amps that your proposed generator offers. Always go for Amps that will provide an ample supply of electricity in your home or business.

· Prioritizing your power needs

Some individuals tend to install a standby generator to aid in running some essential functions such as few lights the refrigerator. In contrast, others would like a generator that will supply power like nothing has occurred. It is vital you decide what you want before installing a standby generator.

· The HOA authorization

Usually, the HOA requirements vary significantly; however, the main concern often is noise and location. A standby generator has to be permitted before being installed, and it has to be inspected after installation. Therefore, when installing a generator, you should consider confirming with your municipality.

· Warranty and maintenance agreement

A standby generator has to be maintained annually. Usually, this is provided in the maintenance and warranty agreement. Therefore, you should consider going through the paperwork before making your last decision.

Constructing a generator pad

When it comes to purchasing the best generator, there are several things you will need to consider. One of the essential aspects that you consider keeping in mind is constructing a generator pad that will offer maximum support to the generator. It would help if you considered having the mounting pad specification when purchasing a back-up generator for use during the hurricane season.

When constructing a generator pad, here are some of the critical aspects that you will need to consider;

· The size of your generator

The size of the generator will allow figuring out how big the pad’s footprint will become. Despite it sounding like an obvious thing to consider, having the right size pad for your generator is vital. Luckily, figuring out the size of your generator pad is relatively easy. When you build the right generator pad, it will be able to remain in place during the hurricane season.

· Composition

When designing a generator pad, you should consider using some of the best concrete mixtures. This is vital since generators are heavy loads, and it essential to have then appropriately fitted, especially during the hurricane season.

· Thickness.

How thick your generator pad should be will highly depend on the weight of your generator. A perfect generator pad should have more weight than the generator itself. You might consider checking the density pad against your generator’s weight.

What should you do after a hurricane?

Once the hurricane season is over, there are some essential things you will need to do. Taking a precaution before a storm hits is vital for your personal safety as well as minimizing damage to the property. On the other side, there are things you will have to carry out once the hurricane season is over. These aspects are essential when it comes to you and your family safe. Once the storm is over, you should consider doing the following;

· You should consider staying informed in case there are any medical aids or food or shelter being offered by your county.

· Stay patient even if you have no access to your home.

· Always keep your I.D with you since checkpoints tend to be common after the hurricane.

· If your home is flooded, ensure that the power if off.

· It is recommended to avoid flooded areas



Final verdict

Experiencing a hurricane is very traumatizing unless you are a storm chaser. Staying safe during the hurricane season is vital. Therefore, it is highly advisable to get prepared before the storm strikes. As the hurricane season starts June 1st, you should consider preparing yourself adequately. If you are seeking for a perfect standby generator, then the Generac generator will be best for you.