Does adding emergency generators increase a home's value? This must be a question you must be asking yourself every time a power outage during the hurricane season happens. Whereas it is unquestionable that standby does offer you with improved security and safety during such times, they also come with this added advantage.

In this article, we will take you through a detailed reason why installing a home generator increases the value of your home. This is despite the initial cost of buying and installing the emergency generator, seeming somewhat substantial and not worth the investment. However, you will get to enjoy improved security and, in the long term, save money. Furthermore, you will get to know the factors to consider before going ahead with the generator installation.

Will My Home’s Value Increase After Installing a Standby Generator?

Generators hold their value superbly well, so you never need to worry about the low resale value if you decide to sell it later. Some studies show that the value of this equipment can increase by 150% when it is considered an attractive feature if you choose to sell it. Therefore, it is no surprise that many luxurious homes across the globe incorporate a generator to operate the spa bathroom and smart home system in case of a blackout.

During the power outage, the generator with an automatic transfer switch will automatically switch on without having to do anything. This means that everything in your home or business will continue working, and this includes security systems, gadgets, and other appliances, all thanks to the commercial emergency standby generator in Delray Beach, FL. Moreover, all this happens under complete silence while still ensuring maximum efficiency.

Factors to Consider When Looking for a Standby Generator in Delray Beach, FL

It is clear that installing a generator increases the value of your home. However, the challenge you now face is deciding which generator to buy as there are many models on the market. As a result of this, it becomes quite tricky to determine which will best meet your needs while still suiting your budget. Therefore, here are a few factors you should consider during this search.

Decide What to Power

One of the first things you need to decide to know which generator to buy is knowing the equipment and appliances in your home that need to be powered in the event of a blackout after a hurricane. The most common choices include well pumps, medical gadgets, air conditioning systems, refrigerators, and sump pumps. You should also include some of the essential amenities needed during the blackout, including lights, cell phone chargers, and the television.

Moreover, you can choose to power your entire home during a blackout while waiting for experts in electrical services to repair the issue. However, this is not cost-effective, but if you feel it is necessary, it still is a viable option. If not, calculate the total power capacity needed by each of the required equipment during the blackout and establish the total power required. As you do this, you should also factor in a 15% growth margin to avoid causing the generator to strain, thereby need generator repair service in Delray Beach, FL.

The Generator Capacity

Another factor you should consider before buying a generator to install in your home is the generator capacity. Usually, generators are rated according to the number of watts they can produce and measure in watts. Therefore, a 1kW standby generator can produce 1,000 watts of power.

The ideal generator capacity depends on the number of devices in your home you are looking to run. This value increases the more the gadgets needing power increase and the standard portable generator capable of producing between 2kW to 4kW. If you wish to power your whole home, go for a generator with a 20kW rating. A generator with a capacity between 20 to 22kW is ideal if you want to power air conditioning units and furnaces. Moreover, if your concern is powering the freezer, refrigerator, and a few lights, a generator capacity between 5 to 10kW is perfect.

If you are having trouble deciding what generator capacity best meets your needs, hire an expert in generator repair in Delray Beach, FL, to advise you which size to install. These professionals boast the expertise and experience to choose a generator that suits your needs. You can also search the internet to get advice on the ideal capacity.

Know If an Installation Permit Is Needed

Before buying your backup generator, you need to establish whether there are any set guidelines by the local building codes authority on installing a backup generator. This is crucial to avoid buying all the materials needed and installing the backup generator only to be told by the code inspector the installation did not follow the set guidelines. You can avoid this by getting a permit and not only save a substantial sum of money but also time.

With an installation permit, you can be sure in the event of any destruction due to a hurricane that your insurance provider will cover your loss. Some of the notable codes of installation require the positioning of the generator on concrete, while others are not as strict if placed on gravel.

Identify The Perfect Place To Place Your Standby Generator

After getting the permit, you should then identify a great position where the backup generator needs to be placed. When choosing the ideal location, you should consider the ease of installing the generator. Furthermore, consider how easily authorized contractors in generator repair in Delray Beach, FL, find it to do needed repairs. It would be best if you also placed the generator at a position where remote monitoring systems can be enforced.

Bottom Line

Reading through this article has provided you with all the useful insight on why installing standby generators is essential, especially for this hurricane season. Therefore, you need not wait any further to proceed with the generator installation. By doing this, you will still have power if the main power supply gets destroyed.